Body Language


Life-changing moments. Impassioned encounters.

Twelve classic short stories at the crossroads of connection and desire.


Life-changing moments. Impassioned encounters. Classic short stories at the crossroads of connection and desire.

When a long-lost love comes knocking, a loyally wedded rancher is tempted by old passions. A bartender wrestling with sobriety is pushed to the edge by a familiar barfly. After her husband’s death, a famous composer struggles to write a single note.

From international flights to hidden grottoes and a nude beach, twelve wayward individuals seek to satisfy their deepest hungers and stamp out their fears.

Will they feed their starving souls, or will their search for connection lead to a dead end?

Body Language explores our often-misguided quest for happiness. If you like vulnerable explorations of carnal cravings, challenging moral quandaries, and transformative self-reflection, then you’ll love Marylee MacDonald’s thought-provoking stories.

Read Body Language to embrace all that binds us today!