The Poppy Field

Fast-paced women’s fiction about family secrets and survival



archeological ruins in Guatemala
Ingo Bartussek, via Adobe Stock

A restless wife. A handsome suitor. Will she say yes?

When her husband, Phil, decided to become a missionary in Guatemala, his decision turns Katherine’s comfortable life in Indiana upside down. Trying to be a supportive spouse, she organizes the move and packs up the kids. Now, the family must adjust to life in colorful Guatemala, a land of coffee plantations, peasant farmers, and archeological sites, but also a land of narco-trafficking and armed men.

Katherine soon finds herself living in a rundown rural house with cold showers and a primitive kitchen. Summoning an inner resilience, she shifts her attention to homeschooling two unhappy children. With her husband absent for days at a time, she accepts help from their wealthy Latino neighbor. Suave and debonair, he educates her about Guatemala’s history and social problems and even offers financial assistance. With romance on the horizon, she and the children move into his mansion.

But beneath his politeness and charm, she glimpses a darker past. Her husband is oblivious, and her suitor won’t wait forever. As the net closes around her, Katherine must find a way to free them all from this dangerous entanglement.

If you like fast-paced, character-driven fiction with a dash of romance, crime, and family drama, then you’ll love Caroline Kellems’ novel about a mother caught between being faithful to her husband and faithful to her own desires.

Buy The Poppy Field and tremble with the heat of rising passion and the chill of impending disaster.